Everything for your Pet

K9 Cuts Professional Grooming was established in 2003 and I have been in the trade since 1999, the business and has gone from strength to strength. Our services range from basic baths through to a full grooming to the breed specification. We offer a range of services with your dog and individual needs in mind.


We have a range of shampoos designed for many different skin and coat types. Most if not all dogs at some point will require a good bath and groom out whether long or short coated. When your best friend comes to have his pamper with us we will first assess the dogs skin and coat and choose a shampoo most suitable. Your dogs skin and coat will be cleansed with rich, foaming lathers of suds from our top of the range shampoos. your dog will be given 2 washes, the first to clean and remove dirt and dust, the second is to cleanse and soothe the skin and coat, conditioners may be used depending on the coat type and style required. Your dog is dried using the top of the range drying equipment that also aids in the removal of any dead and loose hair. Once your dog is dry we will use the required tools to finish your dog ready for either the next stage of grooming or if a short coated dog ready for home.


Most of the grooming styles are to the required breed standard, unless impractical and not the requirements of you, other styles for the cross breeds and mongrels are bespoke both to ourselves and to the request of you. We ensure all dogs are groomed with their welfare and lifestyle in mind.

Claw Trimming/Ear Cleaning

All dogs ears and nails are checked during the grooming process and if required are trimmed and cleaned out. This is a good time to check for the start of ear infections. Please note that we are not a veterinarian and can not diagnose you pet with any form of illness, but we may identify when something is abnormal and we will recommend that you visit your vet and gain professional advice.

Hand Stripping

We offer the traditional method of Hand stripping to suitable breeds, coats and individual dogs. This Skill is very specialised and we follow the method of finger and thumb stripping rather than using any tools such as stripping knives that have a tendency to cut coat and in the long term can ruin it.

Product Sales

We sell a small and specific range of products, including dorwest veterinary and pet remedy. We also have the same range of treatment shampoos on sale for home bathing if you so require.

You can also purchase grooming and equipment to keep your dog in tip top condition between his grooms.